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The Selfie Stick Study in Machu Picchu

Posted on April 06 2017

This story is about one man and his selfie stick. CNET'S mobile accessory commentator Daniel Van Boom travels Machu Picchu, South America with a selfie stick. Never had tried one before Daniel was skeptical of how it really could help his travel shots. Needless to say, Daniel used a selfie stick and found it to be very useful. One point he emphasizes is that "the joy of the selfie stick is that it allows you to get so much more into a picture: Llamas, for instance, and Machu Picchu. Even seemingly less important things, like family and friends."

Daniel Van Boom, you're a little late to jump on this glorious selfie stick bandwagon, but we're glad to have you!

See the full story here:

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