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Rip Tide Selfie Stick Saves Father-Daughter off Massachusetts coast

Posted on July 10 2015

Derrick Johns and his family were at Surfside Beach in Nantucket Tuesday when a rip tide swept him and his 16 year old daughter Erynn Johns far from the shoreline. Erin and her father were swimming into the waves when they were sucked in by a rip tide.

Erynn Johns, who was holding on to the wrist strap and handle of her selfie stick with a GoPro underwater camera attached, struggled to keep her head above the water. The traumatic journey was captured on the GoPro camera as Erynn and Derrick held on to the selfie stick. Derrick Johns then lost his grip. Never letting go of the selfie stick, eventually Erin’s mother reached her by holding onto the selfie stick. Erin’s mother used the stick to grab and pull her daughter back to rescuers.

Did you know?

  • Rip Currents are one of the oceans deadliest killers.
  • Rip Currents account for 80 per cent of ocean rescues ever year.
  • Nearly 100 people drown in the U.S every year in a result from rip currents.

Erynn’s selfie stick and wrist strap saved her life, she explains. She was able to hold the stick, throw the stick to her dad which is when they then grabbed on together, then when her father lost his grip her mother was able to pull her closer with the selfie stick. The GoPro camera and selfie stick captured the tide journey.

Professionals note that when people are swimming they look straight out but not necessarily behind them. They must be more aware of what is happening around the ocean.
1. Way to escape Rip Tide: Swim only parallel to beach and get out of narrow bands of water.
2. Rip tides can pop up anywhere, but they often form near Piers and Jetties.

Rip Tides are very serious and the ocean is always in control. We are very happy that Erynn and her father are okay.

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