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Better Front Facing Camera’s Are Coming!

Posted on February 06 2019

Rumor has it that the Galaxy S10 is going have a significant upgrade from the Galaxy S9. With an additional camera on the back for the standard model and an extra camera on the front and back for the S10+. Your Selfie Stick-It will work with any sized smartphone model, with or without a case. 

The exact megapixel ratings are unconfirmed for the S10, but it has been mentioned  that the selfie camera will be an 8MP or 10MP model, or an identical pair for the dual array on the S10+.

“The Galaxy S10 selfie cameras will also reportedly use optical image stabilization to keep photos and video looking smooth in unsteady hands. The rear cameras of the Galaxy S9 had this before, but transplanting this technology onto the front cameras is a significant change.” Richard Priday-tom’s guide. 

Galaxy S10’s Selfie Cameras Could Beat the Pixel 3’s. See more here:,news-29323.html

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