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  • Anyone else craving some Vitamin Sea?

    Posted on May 07 2019

    If you’re feeling us, then we know you’re getting ready for diving season! Quik Pod has always offered premium poles that are impervious to salt-water. Our design features have been...

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  • Better Front Facing Camera’s Are Coming!

    Posted on February 06 2019

    Rumor has it that the Galaxy S10 is going have a significant upgrade from the Galaxy S9. With an additional camera on the back for the standard model and an...

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  • Should Have Used a Quik Pod!

    Posted on June 06 2018

    Quik Pod Selfie sticks are retractable and can be adjusted easily in length to allow for desired photo and video angle. Your smartphone is always held securely with the optional...

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  • The Selfie Stick Study in Machu Picchu

    Posted on April 06 2017

    This story is about one man and his selfie stick. CNET'S mobile accessory commentator Daniel Van Boom travels Machu Picchu, South America with a selfie stick. Never had tried one before...

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  • The Quik Pod SPORT rated #1 selfie stick by Time Magazine

    Posted on March 02 2017

    The Quik Pod SPORT is one of Quik Pod's premium models. It is lightweight, impervious to salt water, military grade certified, and works with all camera types including smartphones! It...

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