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Extra Long 8" Quik Pod Steel Tripod Legs+ for Quik Pod ULTRA, SPORT and Explorer 3- New!


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Convert the Quik Pod SPORT, DSLR/POV ULTRA or Quik Pod Explorer 3 into a tripod! 

These legs are compatible with the Digipower Quik Pod Extreme and QP Xpert.

These Extra Long Steel Tripod Legs extend almost twice as long as the standard Steel Legs, yet remain lightweight and strong. Each 8" (20cm) and fold for travel. Each leg extends 8" (20cm), folds for travel and are sturdy enough to fully extend when using a GoPro. Ideal for timer shots with your GoPro. Spike them into sand, snow or the ocean floor. Also converts your Quik Pod into a chest pod for greater stability when filming away from you, reducing camera shake. A must have accessory.

Note: Do not fully extend your Quik Pod on the tripod legs without testing for stability, as your camera could tip over due to wind or an uneven support surface.

(Not for use with Quik Pod Explorer 2)






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