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GoPro® Wrist Mount

Looking for a GoPro® Wrist Mount?

Live and capture your adventures to the fullest with a camera at the ready! Instead of attaching a GoPro wrist mount, keep yourself hands free and lightweight by choosing from our Quik Pod Explorer II and DSLR/POV allow you to fully engage in physical activity, so you can bike, climb, surf or swim and still capture that perfect moment.

Your monopod is built to go where you go and be ready to capture once in a lifetime moments with your GoPro HERO HD, HERO 2 and HERO 3. A GoPro wrist mount lets you capture the action from one angle. Never worry about being outside the shot with our built in self facing mirror on both the Explorer II and the DSLR/POV. You can line up the perfect shot with you and the scenery in one shot – no more guessing! Just want the action? You can pivot your GoPro camera upright and snap a picture of a swooping hawk or a diving sea turtle.

Designed with the active life in mind, Quik Pod’s Explorer II and DSLR/POV are built to withstand small impacts, so it won’t break if accidentally banged against a wall, rock or wave. It’s perfect for snorkeling, water skiing and other underwater sports. Want to record nature in action or the surfers coming in? Make your monopod into a table top tripod with our steel tripod legs and relax as the camera and tripod do all the work.

Take your camera everywhere you want to go with a Quik Pod monopod for your GoPro.