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GoPro® Tripod Mount

Looking for a GoPro® Tripod Mount?

We know you work, play and live an active lifestyle. The GoPro HERO camera captures your biggest adventures, right down to the smallest details. To accommodate and benefit from the capabilities of the HERO, you need the right accessories with a wide range of motion, ease of use and adaptability to any environment. Whether you’re on a shoot or riding a once in a lifetime wave, you need to know that your equipment won’t let you down.

Our DSLR/POV and Explorer II monopods are compatible with the HERO HD, HERO 2 and HERO 3 cameras. A GoPro tripod mount is one piece of a stationary support. The innovative design of your Quik Pod secures your camera firmly and stably while adding versatility and smooth, reliable performance, regardless of the weather, terrain or conditions. Want to turn your monopod into a tripod? All of our monopods have leg fittings of ¼” x 20 for adaptability.

Our monopods are durable, reliable and compact. Instead of finding the right GoPro tripod mount and lugging around a heavy extra piece of equipment, use a portable and lightweight monopod.The Quick Pod Explorer II is 8.5” retracted and 39” fully extended while our DSLR/POV is 18” retracted, 53” extended AND both are waterproof! Its rugged construction safeguards the dependability and stability of your GoPro HERO camera. Whether you’re using your monopod while retracted or fully extended, your GoPro pole is now the perfect on the road (or off it) adventure chronicling tool.

Your monopod stands up to weather and adapts to any environment. It also comes with a five year repair or replace warranty. Live out your adventures with confidence that you’re biggest moments are being captured and order you Quik Pod tripod mount today!