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GoPro® Tripod

Looking for a GoPro® Tripod?

The Quik Pod monopod is the perfect way to capture dazzling shots from unique locales. Explorer II and DSLR/POV monopods are designed to work with HERO3, HERO2 and HERO HD cameras. The GoPro adapter enables you to attach your camera to the Explorer II or DSLR/POV, completely hassle-free and with a quick release. Now, you can take all of the sharp, perfectly-framed photos you want from anywhere your adventures take you.

GoPro HERO cameras are built to document and withstand the travails of an active life. As such, our monopds, or GoPro poles, are also built to withstand the force of your adventures and many extreme environments. With your Quik Pod, the versatility of your HERO expands even further. A GoPro tripod maintains both vertical and horizontal stability, but locks you into one locale. Climb a rock wall and take sharp, clear HD photos while climbing, not just from the summit! Recording a motorsport event? Record seamless video from the sidelines no matter the speed of the vehicles or extend your monopod out the window while IN the car!

Your Explorer II or DSLR/POV can help you grab the shots you never thought possible. Let go of the GoPro tripod and embrace the versatility of your new Quik Pod!