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GoPro® Stick

Looking for a GoPro® Stick?

The Quik Pod GoPro stick is the perfect solution for your GoPro Stick needs! Our ULTRA and SPORT custom poles are designed to help you capture the biggest moments with your HERO HD, HERO2 or HERO3, HERO4 and HERO4+ camera. Our GoPro stick greatly expands the versatility of your camera. With your new Quik Pod you can now have a variety of action shots from unique angles and atypical positions literally at your fingertips.

Your HERO camera can record both professional-quality photographs and seamless HD video. They’re built to withstand saltwater and many extreme environments, making it the go-to option for action sports and adventure enthusiasts. Likewise, the QuikPod monopod / GoPro Stick means you have a more compact accessory that’s built to take a beating while being light, durable and extendable. They’re perfect for hiking, underwater diving, snowboarding and more.

Attached to the ULTRA or SPORT, your HERO can be extended to capture sea life up-close or out the window of a racing car. You can also use it to record high-angle footage at crowded sporting events. The Quik Pod GoPro Pole can even be used to take photos of yourself as you hike, climb or even swim deep underwater.

Quik Pod is a lightweight and highly portable monopod that keeps you moving from shot to shot. They were created with the needs of an action photographer in mind and can be easily carried along on any adventure. Get ready for even more action with your GoPro HERO and Quik Pod! We invented the original selfie stick.