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GoPro® Pole Mount

Looking for a GoPro® Pole Mount?

You’ve just purchased a GoPro HERO series camera, one of the most innovative cameras on the market. With the kind of heart-thumping activities you thrive on, you want and need dependable, durable, weather resistant equipment to attach your camera to without slowing you down. You need something that will hold your camera steadily, reliably and is easy to both attach and remove. A GoPro pole mount is an ideal option for you.

The Quik Pod DSLR/POV gives you a wide range of motion and angles. Its remarkable, innovative design allows it to be on the ready and on your person, without interfering with your action. The lightweight portability is shocking at 9oz, but it can handle a 4.4lb (2kg) camera as a handheld GoPro pole or 7.7lb (3.5kg) when extended as a ground supported monopod. When retracted, the monopod is a compact 18 inches and when fully extended is 53 inches of action and landscape capturing technology.

Need something even more compact without sacrificing durability or versatility? Our Explorer II model is only 8.5” when retracted and an astonishing 5 ounces. It can support a one pound camera load and is 39” when fully extended. You can still take this bad boy underwater, too! A GoPro pole mount gives you one piece, but your Quik Pod is the whole package!

Whether you’re into motorsports, extreme kayaking, snowboarding, surfing or para-sailing, the Quik Pod DSLR/POV or Explorer II is the one accessory that will accommodate and provide stability on the go. With it’s built in self facing mirror you never have to wonder if you caught the shot and the rubberized grip handle ensures your equipment is safe during your most exhilarating adventures!

It features:

  • Compatibility with all GoPro HERO HD, HERO2 and HERO3 cameras
  • 5 year repair or replace warranty