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GoPro® Pole

Looking for a GoPro® Pole?

The QuikPod Explorer II and DSLR/POV (the original GoPro Pole) are lightweight and easy to use extensions for your HERO camera (HERO HD, HERO2 and HERO3). For action sports photographers, our monopods make it possible to capture each exciting moment with high-angle and crane-like shots from almost anywhere, including above crowds.

Our GoPro poles are incredibly durable and made of resilient, waterproof material. Both extension poles weigh less than a pound, making them incredibly portable and easy to move from shot to shot. With the rubberized grip, you know the safety of your equipment is secure in your hands.

The GoPro HERO camera series was designed with action sports enthusiasts in mind. The high frame rate and HD capabilities create seamless video and sharp, clear pictures of lightning fast action. Using our telescopic pole mount, you maximize your HERO with the ability to shoot over crowds and obstructions. Now you can take dazzling aerial photos or videos at large, fast paced events where you often miss the big moments.

Our monopods also allow you to adjust the position of your GoPro camera, use the extension pole to record yourself rock climbing, surfing or simply the everyday self photo without having your arm stretched out! The telescopic pole can also serve as a monopod for when you want to take sharp, well-framed stationary shots.

Our accessory pole mounts and adapters are all built to facilitate YOUR imagination. Whatever underwater or atop a cliff shot you want to take, we have the tool that makes it possible. Give your GoPro HERO the best boost possible and order the Explorer II or DSLR/POV today.