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GoPro® Mounts

The Quik Pod ULTRA and SPORT combine many needs into one solution. Our monopods are the ultimate GoPro mount for your HERO HD, HERO2 or HERO3 camera in any and every situation. Built to be as tough and ready for action as your camera, our monopods help you stabilize your shot and capture the moment as you intended.

Whether under water or atop a windy mountain, your ULTRA and SPORT not only keep you in the shot, but well framed thanks to the built-in self image mirror. What GoPro mounts can say that while still keeping you fast and on the move with such lightweight durability?

The incredible versatility of your HERO camera needs the right complement to its capabilities. No matter how fast the camera or how clear the image, framing and angle will never cease to be important. Give yourself the stability of a monopod when you’re taking stationary landscape or nature shots and keep your arm out of the photo when you want to take those self portraits. Your Quik Pod gives your GoPro that advantage!

If you like to ski, surf, snowboard, fish, bike, hike, race cars or motorcycles, para sail, soar zip lines, skydive or just enjoy grabbing a new angle on life, you can end your search for the various GoPro mounts that it would take to match the experience of an ULTRA or SPORT.