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GoPro Diving Mount

Looking for a GoPro® Diving Mount

Snorkeling and Scuba enthusiasts have long known how frustrating it can be to capture video with unreliable equipment. The GoPro HERO3 has changed the game and is as high tech as you can get without spending a fortune. It’s easy to learn, operate and manage, and performs superbly in any environment, including underwater. Match unparalleled technology with superb mounting equipment and you have the perfect solution for enjoying your favorite diving environment. The Quik Pod Explorer II and DSLR/POV monopods provide you with exactly the tools you need to capture every angle of your underwater excursion.

Rather than searching for the right GoPro Diving Mount that can be what you need in various dives, bundle those needs into one solution. Do you want more freedom for your hands while still capturing quality footage of the dive? The Explorer II is incredibly portable and lightweight, coming in at only 5 ounces and a mere 8.5” in length when retracted. Need to send the camera into a space you can’t fit in? It’s reach is 39”, just over 3 feet! If you want an even further reach, the DSLR/POV extends to nearly four and a half feet! With our GoPro pole, you will never again worry if your camera equipment will interfere with your mask or breathing apparatus. GoPro Diving Mounts can be bulky and impede your dive, but your Quik Pod is your diving photographer assist!