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GoPro Accessories

Looking for GoPro® Accessories?

GoPro Hero HD cameras are among the most advanced pieces of photography equipment available today. Maximize the performance of your camera with the right GoPro accessories from Quik Pod.

Our monopods allow you to record crystal clear, seamless footage from unique vantage points, even while on the move. Quik Pod’s Explorer II and DSLR/POV are waterproof and meet ASTM/ISO salt water standards, making them perfect for snorkeling or scuba diving in deep waters. All of our monopods expand your GoPro’s versatility, so that you can create unique recordings of nature and anything else that piques your interest.

There is no better accessory for your GoPro than the built-in self image mirror on your Quik Pod. Never again forego the photo of yourself on your surfboard or atop the canyon. You can have a firm grip and a clear shot with our monopods. The QuikPod was designed with those self-portrait and scenic shots in mind. Solo traveler in a land where you don’t speak the language? Problem solved – and no worries of someone running off with your camera! GoPro cameras were also designed with the active life in mind, and our monopods are the perfect accessories to help keep you in the shot from one adventure to the next.

The World’s #1 Monopod for GOPRO!

Our DSLR/POV is fully waterproofed and comes with a built-in mirror for self-positioning accuracy. The quick-release camera mount with rubber grip handle secures your gear and a firm grasp during the trickiest of shots. Also included is a GoPro compatible quick release adapter, a tree bumper, pocket clip, wrist strap, hiking clip, gel pad and a carrying bag. It’s the full GoPro accessory kit – you’ll be ready for your next adventure the moment it arrives!