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Quik Pod 600 Mini Underwater Photo/Video/Dive Light Certified 600 Lumens



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Depth Rating: 300'
Output: 600 Lumens
75° Beam Angle
Color Temperature: 6200-7000K
Burn Time: 60-100 min
Anodized Aluminum and Polycarbonate
2 CR123 Lithium Batteries Included
Y-S Adapter
Mounts for GoPro, Sea Life Aquapod and Cold Shoe

The Quik Pod 600 is a compact light that comes with two CR123 batteries, always ready with replaceable batteries when needed. It features two brightness settings, one at 40% power, and another at 100% power, adjustable with a simple twist of the head. What's really impressive is the sealing of this device. There are three O-rings; One to keep the sand out, another for a waterproof seal and a third to make sure the electronics keep dry.

Lithium batteries are highly recommended, such as an 18650 battery from a reputable brand, either Tenergy, Xtar, any brands that use a Panasonic cell, a Japanese cell, and a protected circuit. But it's handy that the Quik Pod 600 is compatible with both CR123 and lithium. The head is turned aluminum, keeping the LED cool which is key in to maximizing the lumens.

Very important when comparison shopping is that the Quik Pod 600 is extremely durable and waterproof to 300 feet with a polycarbonate body. Since it is virtually an airtight body, we want to make sure it is vented when using lithium batteries inside, for your safety If pressure builds up for any reason, let's say if a battery breaks down, this is going to vent unwanted gasses and not become a hazard to the user.

This pocket-sized light is handy not just underwater use but also for everyday use. With a 70 degree beam angle the Quik Pod 600 is great not just for photo or video, but is also perfect to use as a dive light. It's a really versatile little light!

The supplied YS adapter attaches perfectly to the Quik Pod ULTRA and SPORT. It also comes with a GoPro adapter so you can connect this directly to a GoPro.

This is a compact light with 600 lumens, certified! There are many companies in the industry who claim that their light produces 1000 lumens. However, when measured in a lab on an integrating sphere, at times it's merely 300 or 400 lumens. The Quik Pod 600 is a certified, true, 600 lumen light.

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