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Divers Special! QP ULTRA, QP 600 Lumens Dive Light and Extra Long Steel Tripod Legs


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For limited time we are offering this special bundle price for the Quik Pod ULTRA, Quik Pod 600 Lumens Dive Light, and the Quik Pod Extra Long Steel Tripod Legs. These products can be used on land or in the ocean to capture your next exploration!

$54.95 Savings!

The Quik Pod ULTRA

The longest pole for GoPro®! Works with all GoPro versions including Hero 5, Nikon KeyMission 360, TomTom Bandit and Ricoh WG-M1 Action Cameras. 

Bonus smartphone holder will fit all phones up to iPhone 6+ and Note 5 

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Quik Pod 600 Mini Underwater Photo/Video/Dive Light Certified 600 Lumens

Depth Rating: 300'
Output: 600 Lumens
75° Beam Angle
Color Temperature: 6200-7000K
Burn Time: 60-100 min
Anodized Aluminum and Polycarbonate
2 CR123 Lithium Batteries Included
Y-S Adapter
Mounts for GoPro, Sea Life Aquapod and Cold Shoe    

The Quik Pod 600 is a compact light that comes with two CR123 batteries, always ready with replaceable batteries when needed. It features two brightness settings, one at 40% power, and another at 100% power, adjustable with a simple twist of the head. What's really impressive is the sealing of this device. There are three O-rings; One to keep the sand out, another for a waterproof seal and a third to make sure the electronics keep dry. See more at:

Quik Pod Extra Long Steel Tripod Legs

Convert your Quik Pod DSLR/POV ULTRA into a tabletop tripod! 

The extra-long Steel Legs+ extend almost twice as long as the standard Steel Legs yet remain lightweight and strong.  Each 8" (20cm) and fold for travel. Each leg extends 8" (20cm), folds for travel and are sturdy enough to fully extend when using a GoPro. Ideal for timer shots with your GoPro. Spike them into sand, snow or the ocean floor. Also converts your Quik Pod into a chest pod for greater stability when filming away from you, reducing camera shake. A must have accessory.

Note: Do not fully extend your Quik Pod on the tripod legs without testing for stability, as your camera could tip over due to wind or an uneven support surface.

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  • Please note the lanyard/wrist strap is not to be used as a tote but is to serve to help stabilize your grip only. Always hold the Quik Pod handle securely, do not tote it by the lanyard. The lanyard is engineered to break open under force as a safeguard.



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