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The World's #1 Monopod for GOPRO!
Fully Waterproof
Built-in mirror for self-positioning
Quick Release Camera Mount
Rubberized grip handle
Stainless steel screws
Includes GOPRO compatible adapter, 1/4" x 20 quick release adapter, padded carry bag, waterproof wrist strap, hiking clip, camera tightening tool and mini-smartphone adapter.
Retracted size - 8.5 inches (22 cm)
Extended size - 39 inches (99 cm)
Weight - 5 oz (138 grams)
Tripod mount - Universal 1/4-20
Load Capacity: 16 ounces
NOTICE: As in all sports, accidents can happen. All Quik Pods have been tested to withstand the shock of a 10 lb force with a GOPRO attached and the Quik Pod fully extended. Despite this we recommend you tether your GOPRO tightening knob to the Quik Pod tightening knob with the supplied tether (www.quikpod.com/tether.pdf). Unforeseen shocks while engaged in motion can happen. We will not replace lost cameras under any circumstances as there are too many variables in the applications possible.
Meets ASTMB117/ISO 9227 Salt Water Standards
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Quik Pro Explorer II Monopod & Tripod

Quik Pod Explorer II

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Do not attempt to take self-portraits or use while engaged in sports activities that will pose a danger to your safety.
Never use anywhere near a tree, branch, brush, scrub or solid object when you are in motion, at any speed.
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