Stingray City!

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Johnny Flynn sent in this awesome, up close and personal video featuring MANY stingrays, all captured by yours truly the QuikPod. This video will actually make you feel like you are underwater with him!

Thank you for sending it in Johnny!


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Flyboarding.. one of the coolest sports ever invented.

Have you ever wanted to feel like a dolphin? .. Yeah you read that right. To swim through the ocean with not a care in the world doing flips, sounds relaxing and amazing doesn’t it? Well, what if we were to tell you that a sport has been invented that can make you feel like dolphin… yes I am aware at how bizarre it sounds.

Take a look:

Now do you believe me? I would do this in a heartbeat – wouldn’t you?

PS. Did anyone spot QuikPod technology?

Flyboarding with QuikPod

Scuba Diver Girls Testing Out The QuikPod

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The Scuba Diver Girls went on an underwater adventure with QuikPod DSLR/POV in La Jolla Cove, CA and snapped some great shots with the extra reach with the QuikPod:

You could WIN the same QuikPod the Scuba Diver Girls are using in the above pictures on Danocracy YouTube Channel:

Special thanks to the Scuba Diver Girls and Danocracy!

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Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

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Tis the season when you look out the window and see white! We couldn’t be happier that it is snowboarding/skiing season and here’s why, the QuikPod captures fantastic shots in the snow and there are multiple ways it can be done.

1. Get everyone in the picture with a QuikPod:

Group Shots

Group Shots

2. Capture your moves on the hill with a QuikPod:


3. When you’re not snowboarding or skiing, capture shots around the resort without the help of a stranger.


Don’t limit yourself to still images, change your settings on your camera to video and don’t miss one turn with the QuikPod. Check out this video of Rod Payne in Niseko/Rusutsu area in 2012:

Try this:
Use Adobe Photoshop to edit the QuikPod out of the picture. This will make the picture look as if a professional captured it!  Rod Payne did this in this snowboarding picture:

Before and After

Have you been snowboarding or skiing yet? Where?

Scuba Diving Adventures With The QuikPod

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“I can only think of one experience which might exceed in interest a few hours spent under water, and that would be a journey to Mars.” - William Beebe.

QuikPod is a great accessory for scuba diving and all underwater adventures. We have received a great response about QuikPod from the scuba diving community at The DEMA show as well as online. We’d like to share some of the amazing footage people have captured with the help of a QuikPod.

Check them out here:

This video below is footage of Ryan Heinke’s snorkeling adventures in Turks and Caicos Islands, Hawaii and Costa Rica taken with GoPro HERO3 and a QuikPod!

Still not sold that QuikPod is the perfect accessory for your scuba diving needs? Here are three reasons that should change your mind:

  1. Unlike any other camera or helmet camera, QuikPod will capture YOU underwater.
  2. QuikPod is 100% waterproof.
  3. QuikPod gives you up to 53” of extra reach to get that awesome picture up close and personal with your favorite creatures.

Where is your favorite place to scuba dive?

Extreme Sports That Need QuikPod

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There are some extreme sports in the world that, besides the adrenaline, offer exciting breathtaking views which are rarely captured. With QuikPod, you do not need to be a professional or even practice often to be able to capture your first or fiftieth time experiencing nature. It is as simple as setting up the camera and holding it out to capture your best shot.

Here are a couple examples of extreme sports that need QuikPod:

Sky Anything! (Skydiving, Flying, Free Falling etc)
No matter what the activity is in the sky, you will want to remember it for life! A QuikPod will capture the view and the moment and save it forever! This picture taken by Patrick Pelletier flying over Winnipeg, Canada is just an example of the possibilites QuikPod can help you capture!

Extreme Sports - Flying

Whether you are shredding that fresh powder or spinning in the air, QuikPod will be right by your side to capture the best and worst moves.

Extreme Sports - Snowboarding

Kite Surfing/ Wind Surfing
When you are in such a beautiful environment being one with the water, there is nothing you wish more but for time to stand still. With QuikPod you can capture the serenity and remember it forever. Awesome picture of Rick Lossi!

Extreme Sports - Wind Surfing

Scuba Diving
This isn’t even a question if you should bring a QuikPod or not. QuikPod is 100% waterproof and will capture the best shots of you and all sea creatures. Another awesome shot by Rick Lossi!

Extreme Sports - Scuba Diving
Rock Climbing/Paragliding
Whether you are going off/up the side of Mt.Everst or a hill, the tool you can not go without (besides the necessary equipment) is QuikPod! QuikPod can fit in your pocket or on your belt, and when in a comfortable and sturdy position, can help you capture the pride on your face when you are at the top (and how far off the ground you are).

Extreme Sports - Rock Climber

If you have used QuikPod to help capture your extreme sports, please share! We’d love to add to our list and see your sick pictures!


GoPro Monopods Turn Tables on Videographers Per Imaging Resource

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Sure, camera mounts for your GoPro camera are cool and let you capture some pretty great action shots – but what are they missing? YOU!

Mike Tomkins, of Imaging Resource, says that camera mounts limit you “to shooting at arm’s length, and even with the GoPro’s wide-angle lenses, that’s a bit close to get a sense for what’s happening around you.”

Solution? Quik Pod’s DSLR/POV and Explorer II GoPro monopods.

Quik Pod GoPro Monopods: DSLR/POV and Explorer II

As Tomkins points out, these new monopods from Quik Pod “aim to step into the breach, turning the GoPro videographer into video subject.”

Have you used our Quik Pod monopod for GoPro to capture yourself in action? Let us know how you like the GoPro and monopod collaboration by ‘reaching’ out to us on Facebook and Twitter.

Keep filming, fans!

GoPro Monopod View of Shark Diving via Wetpixel

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One of the most exhilarating adventures one can embark on is a shark dive. The thrill, adrenaline rush and danger would have any diver craving more. However, do you know what the greatest thing about shark diving is, besides the actual dive? Capturing it all on video using a GoPro monopod, for those too scared to take on the adventure themselves!

GoPro Monopod Underwater with Eric Cheng  (Photo: Don Kehoe)

Being able to affix a GoPro HERO camera to the Quik Pod DSLR GoPro monopod, like Eric Cheng from Wetpixel, allows divers to capture up close and personal encounters with sharks in their natural habitat. Cheng’s favorite camera position is achieved by mounting the Quik Pod monopod to his tank, which allows viewers to see exactly what he sees, first hand.

Cheng, whom travels the world on a variety of diving expeditions, has captured some of the world’s most beautiful reefs and waterways out there. Whether you’re an avid shark diver yourself, or you’re content with simply watching such crazy adventures from the comfort of your own home, no experience is lost thanks to the deep sea abilities of Quik Pod’s monopod for GoPro (and the videos captured and shared on Wetpixel).

Tell us: What’s the wildest adventure you’ve captured with your Quik Pod GoPro monopod? Show us what sea creatures you’ve met by sharing your photos and videos with us! Drop us a line below, or hit us up on Facebook and Twitter.

Quik Pod Monopod Discussed with Todd Rutledge at 2012 OR Show

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Did you attend this year’s Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City? We’re happy to say that we were there, and enjoyed a great conversation with professional mountain climber and GoPro photographer, Todd Rutledge. Tune in to the below video as he chats with Quik Pod GoPro monopod designer, Wayne Fromm, about the perks of using a monopod during hiking adventures:

Top Perks of the Quik Pod Monopod for GoPro

Rutledge highlights the following benefits he sees in using the Quik Pod monopod for GoPro:

  • Range of adjustability allows capturing wide angle shots and close ups
  • Multiple ways to hold the Quik Pod allows various views to be captured during hiking adventures
  • When collapsed, the Quik Pod is easy to store on side of hiking backpack (or using included hiking clip) for quick access while on the go
  • Dual-use as a monopod to take stills (or 360 degree footage) when Quik Pod is expanded to full 53”

What’s your favorite feature of the Quik Pod DSLR/POV? Let us know by leaving a comment below, or ‘reaching’ out to us on Facebook and Twitter.


With Quik Pod’s GoPro Monopod, the Sky’s the Limit!

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GoPro Monopod by Quik Pod in FlightAbove the beautiful Winnipeg, Manitoba landscape, frequent glider, Patrick Pelletier, captured some aerial scenery while in-flight using only his Quik Pod monopod and GoPro camera. If you look closely in the image to the right, you can see the Quik Pod wrist strap, which comes standard with our monopod products.

The Quik Pod handheld extendable monopod for GoPro is ideal for every occasion: vacations, sightseeing, camping trips, birthdays, weddings, parties, and as you now know… gliding and soaring, too! Even at the sky’s limit, Quik Pod allows you to include yourself quickly and easily in photos and videos.

Prefer to see Patrick’s Quik Pod flight in motion? Tune in, below, as our Quik Pod GoPro monopod takes the sky!

Have you been to greater heights (or darker depths) with your Quik Pod monopod? Show us what you’ve got by sharing your photos and videos with us! Drop us a line below, or hit us up on Facebook and Twitter.