NEW Duo GoPro® Adapter Available from Quik Pod!

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Quik Pod introduces its NEW Duo GoPro® Adapter Accessory! This Duo GoPro® Adapter is compatible with the Quik Pod SPORT and Quik Pod ULTRA premium versions. Use two Go Pro cameras at one time!  Take videos from two points of view (POV) simultaneously to get your best views of the photographer and what they are looking […]

Rip Tide Selfie Stick Saves Father-Daughter off Massachusetts coast

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Derrick Johns and his family were at Surfside Beach in Nantucket Tuesday when a rip tide swept him and his 16 year old daughter Erynn Johns far from the shoreline. Erin and her father were swimming into the waves when they were sucked in by a rip tide. Erynn Johns, who was holding on to the […]

These Quik Pod Steel Tripod Legs are the perfect summer travel accessory

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These Quik Pod Steel Legs are a Travel Must Have! Convert the Quik Pod SPORT, DSLR/POV ULTRA or Quik Pod Explorer 3 into a tabletop tripod! The Steel legs fold for travel. Each leg extends 4.5″ (12cm) and is Sturdy enough to fully extend when using a Go Pro or strobe light. Ideal for timer shots […]

Congratulations to the winners of the Dives with a Difference Contest!

July 2, 2015Tags: , , , , , , ,

For Dives with a Difference, PADI asked divers to send in pictures or videos of dive sites which are out of the normal scuba box. The places we don’t always dive every day, locations that need specialist training to access, or simply those which are a one-of-its-kind in the world! They received many incredible entries. They then shortlisted […]

Tech Guru Marc Saltzman interviews selfie stick inventor Wayne Fromm on Tech Talk!

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Tech Guru Marc Saltzman will be interviewing selfie stick inventor Wayne Fromm this Sunday on Tech Talk on NewsTalk 1010  at 6:35p.m for the radio shows premier! There will be a fun giveaway so don’t miss out! Sunday marks the return of Tech Guru Marc Saltzman’s Tech Talk radio show to NewsTalk 1010, the most […]

Fred Armisen from SNL uses his first Quik Pod selfie stick!

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Fred Armisen from SNL uses his first Quik Pod selfie stick! Fred Robert Armisen is an American actor, voice actor, screenwriter, producer, director, singer, musician, and comedian. He is most known for his comedic skits on Saturday Night Live. Follow him on Instagram (@sordociego) as he tours Europe and hilariously poses with the Quik Pod […]

Leonardo DiCaprio Caught Using Selfie Stick By Himself!

May 29, 2015Tags: , , , , , ,

Leonardo DiCaprio Caught Using Selfie Stick By Himself! On Tuesday, Leonardo Dicaprio was seen touring Manhattan, NY with a Selfie Stick. A smile forms on our face when we celebrities like Leonardo Dicaprio using a selfie stick. This is pure awesome! First, the A List actor was caught using a selfie stick in downtown Manhattan AND all […]

Inside Edition talks Selfie Stick with Inventor Wayne Fromm Quik Pod

May 22, 2015Tags: , , , , , , , ,

Inside Edition talks Selfie Stick with Inventor Wayne Fromm Quik Pod Have you been seeing these selfie stick everywhere? In the Insider Edition interview above you will meet the inventor Wayne Fromm, the man behind this selfie craze having invented the first selfie stick for digital cameras over 10 years ago. “Say Cheese!” With the simple push […]

Quik Pod Teams Up with PADI for Dives with a Difference Contest

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Quik Pod Teams Up with PADI for the Dives with a Difference Contest Do you dive in an unusual dive site or location? Submit photos or videos of your unusual diving destinations for a chance to win cool prizes from QuikPod, GoPro and PADI. How to Enter Enter your details on the PADI Facebook Page Contest […]

The NEW Quik Pod DISK Bluetooth Remote!

May 5, 2015Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Introducing the New Quik Pod DISK Bluetooth Remote! The World’s Best Bluetooth Remote Control for iPhone and Android Quik Pod has worked with the world’s best engineers to create the most advanced Bluetooth remote control to complement our selfie sticks. Once the Quik Pod DISK Bluetooth remote control is synched it will stay that way […]

Separate Bluetooth Remote for Quik Pod Selfie Stick has Benefits

April 29, 2015Tags: , , , , , , ,

A question we are asked often at Quik Pod is “What is the benefit of having a separate bluetooth remote with your selfie stick versus a built-in remote?” Here we will provide some tips as to why a separate bluetooth remote is better for your Quik Pod selfie stick. Imagine you are traveling…You are excited to finally […]

PADI #ScubaView Quik Pod Selfie Stick Contest Winners!

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Thank you for entering the PADI #ScubaView contest! Four Quik Pod selfie stick winners have been chosen from 1,300 entries. All entries can be viewed under the #ScubaView hashtag on Instagram. The contest asked for users to share their personal view of scuba diving including topside and/or underwater highlights of scuba diving including dive buddies, shore, pool […]

Lights, Camera, Action…Add LED lights to your Quik Pod!

April 8, 2015Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Coming Soon! Quik Pod Introduces the NEW Quik Pod Mini 600 LED Dive Light. The perfect accessory for your Quik Pod SPORT or Quik Pod ULTRA selfie stick. Designed for multiple applications down to 300 feet/100 meters, the Quik Pod Mini 600 LED Dive Light features a wide 75 degree beam angle, two power modes, […]


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