Quik Pod Teams Up with PADI for Dives with a Difference Contest

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Quik Pod Teams Up with PADI for the Dives with a Difference Contest Do you dive in an unusual dive site or location? Submit photos or videos of your unusual diving destinations for a chance to win cool prizes from QuikPod, GoPro and PADI. How to Enter Enter your details on the PADI Facebook Page Contest […]

The NEW Quik Pod DISK Bluetooth Remote!

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Introducing the New Quik Pod DISK Bluetooth Remote! The World’s Best Bluetooth Remote Control for iPhone and Android Quik Pod has worked with the world’s best engineers to create the most advanced Bluetooth remote control to complement our selfie sticks. Once the Quik Pod DISK Bluetooth remote control is synched it will stay that way […]

Separate Bluetooth Remote for Quik Pod Selfie Stick has Benefits

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A question we are asked often at Quik Pod is “What is the benefit of having a separate bluetooth remote with your selfie stick versus a built-in remote?” Here we will provide some tips as to why a separate bluetooth remote is better for your Quik Pod selfie stick. Imagine you are traveling…You are excited to finally […]

PADI #ScubaView Quik Pod Selfie Stick Contest Winners!

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Thank you for entering the PADI #ScubaView contest! Four Quik Pod selfie stick winners have been chosen from 1,300 entries. All entries can be viewed under the #ScubaView hashtag on Instagram. The contest asked for users to share their personal view of scuba diving including topside and/or underwater highlights of scuba diving including dive buddies, shore, pool […]

Lights, Camera, Action…Add LED lights to your Quik Pod!

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Coming Soon! Quik Pod Introduces the NEW Quik Pod Mini 600 LED Dive Light. The perfect accessory for your Quik Pod SPORT or Quik Pod ULTRA selfie stick. Designed for multiple applications down to 300 feet/100 meters, the Quik Pod Mini 600 LED Dive Light features a wide 75 degree beam angle, two power modes, […]

Music Festivals Ban Selfie Sticks: Quik Pod Speaks on Coachella and Lollapalooza

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The Selfie Stick has been part of some serious recent debate. Starting with museum bans, the selfie stick’s most recent ban was made for Coachella and Lollapalooza attendees. The selfie stick was never intended to disrupt others enjoyment of an event. The stick allows the photographer to be included in the photos and allows for a different perspective for […]

Quik Pod Selfie Stick CBC Dragon's Den 2015 Update

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Wondering what the Quik Pod Team has been up to since the Den? Watch the CBC Dragon’s Den Update segment to see all the details. Father daughter duo Wayne and Sage Fromm take you through the evolution of the selfie stick craze and show you where it all began…with Quik Pod! The Quik Pod brand […]

Wayne Fromm and Nigel Barker pose for a QuikPod shot on CTV Canada AM

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Inventor of the selfie stick, Wayne Fromm and noted fashion photographer Nigel Barker have some fun backstage at CTV Canada AM this morning taking Quik Pod selfie stick shots. Nigel Barker is an English reality TV show personality, noted fashion photographer, author, spokesperson, filmmaker, and former model. Nigel Barker’s new book will be released March […]

Maclean's Interview: Wayne Fromm, the creator of the selfie stick, and his daughter explain its origin stories and speak out against counterfeiters

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Have you been wondering who is responsible for this selfie stick craze? Short Video Interview: http:// We have all the answers in this recent Maclean’s Magazine Interview. Wayne Fromm, the creator of the selfie stick, and his daughter Sage explain its origin stories and speak out against counterfeiters. In an in depth Q&A, Wayne and Sage sit down with […]

Voted by Tech Crunch as the Best ‪#‎SelfieStick‬ ever!

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Wayne Fromm, inventor of the selfie stick and original Quik Pod Monopod speaks on the selfie stick craze and years of hard work to get there. Tech Crunch interviews Wayne at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. What type of questions can you expect to be asked in this interview…? Wayne speaks on […]

Wayne Fromm speaks on Selfie Stick Invention Quik Pod

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Wayne Fromm gives us a brief history of the original selfie stick, Quik Pod. Interviewed by ABC Australia, he is asked about the obstacles he has faced inventing the selfie stick over 10 years ago and it’s growing popularity today. Wayne holds many utility and design patents and continues to put his energy into product […]


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